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Undersea wedding

Deep ocean theater locations is the 6 m, 8 meters long and 5 meters wide of the nation's largest all around performance appear a giant pool, ranking first in the world. Pool have weighed more than 380 catties, the country's largest turtles; Have a brutal man eater and other fish. In the giant fish pond, divers, we will bring you excellent performances of the mermaid and light synchronized diving performance and wonderful undersea wedding. Dear visitors, I believe you have seen the United States Hollywood blockbuster "Titanic" after, everyone will have a huge heart shock, on April 15, 1912 in the morning, known as the "unsinkable" Titanic but unfortunately a collision with an iceberg and sank in its maiden flight. In the heroic, panic and tragedy that night, 1502 people were killed, and many legends emerged. Including a couple met a few days of stray painter jack and beautiful young lady Ruth played a touching love, is stirring, eternally. 90 years later, they meet to return to earth, came to the sleeping beneath the Atlantic near the wreck of a world-beating undersea wedding, complete their unfulfilled wish.


At the bride and groom before didn't come to this undersea wedding hall, we will introduce to you today "wedding" at the bottom of an important supporting role "heavy diving", you can see now reshipment diving performance is unique in the world. In today's era, the heavy dive underwater operation is essential. It is mainly used for wreck removal, ship repair, Marine exploration and so on. Heavy diving also commonly known as "big head", a diver with helmet, wore a diving shoes, hung two big lead. These costumes have 180 catties, so called latent. Is sealed reshipment divers dressed in diving suits, by the cloth, rubber also towing behind a black rubber hose, the compressed air generated by the air compressor by this pipe to the reshipment divers attire, buoyancy of oxygen and as a driving force for divers. Heavy hidden generally can dive into the water to operate the depth of 100 meters. Located in yangjiang, guangdong waters "of the south China sea a number" northern song dynasty ancient ships underwater archaeology is using heavy hidden excavation, divers wore heavy diving suit is now we can see the clothes. Experts estimate that once the "number one" of the south China sea water, it sets the value of tens of thousands of pieces of rare treasures along with the ship and influence will be as xi 'an qin shihuang terracotta warriors.


Today we reshipment diver was charged with an important task, for the bride and groom, jack rose found that a love of life and death of the fence "the heart of the ocean". Divers after a difficult search, finally found a safe, a diver first try to use big wrench unscrew, but cannot open the self-contained silk has rust, use gas cutting torch cutting, then whipped to chisel with a sledgehammer, at last diver with big wrench unscrew the self-contained silk, opened the safe. Look, he took out two things from the inside, let's take a closer look at what is that? Turns out to be a drawing. It was killed the day rose to jack to her eternal life unforgettable portrait painting. Another is a tin box, tin box inside will be looking for "the heart of the ocean". Look, tin box is opened, is really "the heart of the ocean". Tourists friends let us together to join this remarkable undersea wedding.

Jack has now come to the groom, how happy ah, he is looking forward to the arrival of the rose. Separated by 90 years later, they will meet again, to relive the earth-shattering love. Everybody look, rose to the bride, she is slowly down, the bridegroom was greeted by a excitedly.


From the bride groom are down on their knees to a bunch of beautiful flowers, to express their deep affection. Now the bride and groom to go hand in hand to greet you.

Kneel again to propose to the bride and groom, groom is the bride to wear the full of legendary "the heart of the ocean", audience friends, ninety years ago that the birth and death through the test of love, no longer need to minister to their wedding witness, also do not need use words to express, it is tragic the wreck, and the mysterious and full of legendary "the heart of the ocean," and they swam slowly around the fish and turtles are their witness, witness the great perfect combination of love, let us bless them at all, let love eternal.

They stand to the bow of the Titanic again, this is the place where they began to love, back to the romantic love. They hugged each other affectionately, again with open arms, the wind to fly, to meet the good life.

Jack and rose have finished their wish, picked up the bride groom slowly rising, break through the blue sky, fly to the beautiful future. Tourists friends, let's bless them the great wedding.



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