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Sharks war

Deep ocean theater locations is the 6 m, 8 meters long and 5 meters wide of the nation's largest all around performance appear a giant pool, ranking first in the world. Pool have weighed more than 380 catties, the country's largest turtles; Have a brutal man eater and other fish. In the giant fish pond, divers, we will bring you excellent performances of the mermaid and light synchronized diving performance and wonderful undersea wedding. You will see beautiful miss diving from time to time and sharks dance, sometimes with tortoise roaming, colorful, narrowly missed. Let us continue to watch the beautiful with the beautiful melody of miss diving brought us the excellent performances of light pattern.


(we miss diving underwater world on behalf of all the staff coming to extend our warm welcome to visitors).

Then there will be a breathtaking performances and sharks war, tourists don't miss. As we all know the shark was brutal, often attack humans. Although our divers in the water performance has certain risk, but may be fed every day, with pool, because of the love will come in time, whenever miss seeing our diving, shark swished up appear docile obedient, obediently dance with divers. Any creatures and human can become the friend. Visitors can ready to camera, leaving the great picture.


You notice? In the giant fish pond has a large turtle, its name is fat fat. Fat body thickness is 2.5 times that of the general sea turtles, weighing nearly 200 kilograms, is one of the largest a sea turtles found in China, according to expert estimates, the turtle should have more than 300 years old. As the saying goes: one thousand tortoise, turtle in ten thousand. Since ancient times, people think tortoise can not only avoid the sorrow out, eliminate the evil, and auspicious life of thing, especially for the old turtle more cult. According to expert textual research, some turtles live to 1200 years. If no accident, the turtle can live on seven, in eight hundred, and it take a meet bring you good luck. (we miss beautiful dive on behalf of all colleagues of the underwater world peace, year after year have fish) wish dear visitors, many years



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