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Dream jellyfish pavilion

Dream jellyfish pavilion is the nation's largest the most professional characteristics of jellyfish, theme pavilions, 38 creative display tank, display 38 nearly 6000 jellyfish from the oceans of the world, with more than 60% of the jellyfish species is propagate themselves by my house, and most of the large display tank show. Jellyfish pavilion in combination with sound and light, multimedia means to build a dream of jellyfish in the world, make full use of the principle of optical lens wall, cooperate to change colorful effects lights, feeling letting a person as if place oneself in the jellyfish's colorful dream round maze in the world, it is easy to produce visual errors. The jellyfish like a fairy tale world general magic beautiful theme pavilions, such as real unreal, the actual interaction, let tourists friends, experience colorful and magic jellyfish in the world of fantasy. I pavilion has also established jellyfish breeding laboratory at the same time, to conduct the thorough research to the variety of jellyfish reproduction and development, and the different stage in jellyfish breeding development are popular science exhibition.

Dream jellyfish pavilion(图1)

Dream jellyfish pavilion(图2)



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