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North sea world is the national AAAA level scenic spots, national Marine popular science education base, is the display of Marine biology is given priority to, set ornamental, tourism, teenagers popular science education as one of the large-scale comprehensive aquarium. North sea underwater world is divided into the bottom of the sea garden, submarine lost city and world grand, amazon rainforest, Maya hills, amazon science area, the water in the world, the turtle island, crocodile dock, the devil rays, rare in the south China sea herbarium, angkor rainforest theme pavilions lands, lands the devil fish, seals, sharks, wharf, the beibu gulf coast, the bottom of the sea around 360 degrees, hundred meters of the tunnel, sea theater, dream the penguins of the Antarctic jellyfish pavilion, pavilion, amphibious reptiles tribe, sea elf kingdom 23 large tourist landscape. North sea world's total supply of nearly 8000 tons, a total construction area of 30000 square meters, the size of its cultural connotation, display, and fish species are among the best in the national Marine pavilion, visitors can not out, see the world's third generation of the aquarium's magnificent sea view. Here, every day there are many exciting performance of underwater, waiting for you!


You will see, first in the nation's largest appear a huge performance all around the pond staged a series of boutique full of the flavor of Marine culture show: the water deduce beautiful legend "mermaid"; Dressed in a bikini, miss beautiful dive with sharks dance spectacular wonders; Unique in the world heavy diving performance; The bottom of the grand wedding - that is put in the continuation of the "Titanic" classic love story; And large submarine tunnel area to watch performances novel the devil rays in the screen and excellent seal performance, let you amazing. Walk hundreds of meters long tunnel, you will find that have sunk temples of ancient Egypt, ancient maritime silk road the sinking of the sets, sunken ships and aircraft of world war ii, is raging submarine volcanic eruption, and from the Pacific and Indian Ocean thousands of exotic fish; Fifteen thousand kg of whale bones and dugongs specimen is well-known as a mermaid. At the bottom of the sea, you can also contact with zero distance of the country's largest devil fish, the nation's largest man eater. Drift from the bohai sea miles to the passengers, overseas Chinese Hong Kong sea is full of legendary seals "qiqi"... In short, every corner here lies a mysterious beautiful dream, telling the story one by one moving ocean to you.



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