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Polar penguins venue

Imitation of the Nordic ice fjord, builds a lifelike polar ice world. Efforts to build a penguin ideal living environment, make from polar penguins in the happy home. This will be the first time the polar penguins in the north sea, came to China, hot southern life. "Guest" arriving from Argentina - across the penguins of the Antarctic, source to north sea world. These polar lovely baby come to here, even swim eat these everyday activities, regard these we eat the melon masses of don't don't of. A kiss if it is the little lovely baby or Zhang Ying, it should heart sprout! The world so big, so far at the South Pole, it is better to north sea world to see penguins

Polar penguins venue(图1)

Polar penguins venue(图2)

Polar penguins venue(图3)



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