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The devil rays show

Deep ocean theater locations is the 6 m, 8 meters long and 5 meters wide of the nation's largest all around performance appear a giant pool, ranking first in the world. Pool have weighed more than 380 catties, the country's largest turtles; Have a brutal man eater and other fish. In the giant fish pond, through a large underwater viewing window, we saw miss diving (Sir) take the bait, drew thousands of all kinds of fish chase to dodge. Divers are wearing protective gloves, or hand'll be up shit creek. Rare the devil fish feeding performance spectacle but not seen in other places, visitors can take the picture. Tourists friends, now we see the huge medical fish named perch filefish (also called dragon). It is in the underwater world "grim killer". Underwater world for a long time, there are often many fish mysteriously disappeared, but did not leave any debris in the pool, this suggests that the fish is not starve to death or illness, but who is the murderer? After the staff on duty day and night observation, finally found the mysterious killer turned out to be such a big fish in the world of bass cowfish, bass filefish at night to steal food the most secret sex, it remained motionless, quietly at night, when the fish swim near bass filefish mouth of a piece of it in their ears are set to fish the suction mouth.


Underwater world of bass filefish is 2001 from nansha purchases of deep sea fish, the fish eat far, now every fish intake every day for more than 30 jins. Just buy only on weight more than 30 jins, after more than five years of feeding, the biggest bass cowfish has nearly 300 jins, nearly 1.8 meters long. At present, the north sea bass filefish is one of the largest aquarium of the world.


In order to maintain the balance of the tunnel under fish, sea world will big bass filefish from big water pool to the giant performances, heavily armed scuba divers in the water spent more than two hours to put the enormous power, big bass weighing more than 200 catties filefish captured. Big bass filefish capture process made on January 21, 2006, a "evening news" and in the middle of the CCTV news channel.



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