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The little mermaid performance

Deep ocean theater locations is the 6 m, 8 meters long and 5 meters wide of the nation's largest all around performance appear a giant pool, ranking first in the world. Pool have weighed more than 380 catties, the country's largest turtles; Have a brutal man eater and other fish. In the giant fish pond, around the world have many legends about the mermaid, beautiful and moving, of which the most Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "the daughter of the sea" touching. It not only touched hearts of readers, also to silence in the ocean seamen's good vision and wishes. In 1912, the Danish sculptor Edward eriksen according to his own imagination, Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale and the "girls" sea with copper sculpture statues, placed in the Copenhagen harbor waterfront park on the beach. The fish and one of "girl" sea statue has become the symbol of Denmark and pride. Now you can see the mermaid costumes is according to the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "sea girl" the modelling of the specially designed, everybody feels "mermaid" legend story unfolding? Beautiful mermaid girl is swimming leisurely, graceful posture, the flexibility to swim in the water, like the legendary mermaid right in front of us.


Used to have such a legend in maritime history: one day, a merchant of Venice is returning from India, on that same night, bright moon like silver, the sea level as a mirror, the sailors saw the water in the distance appear suddenly a person fish beauty, naked mind, holding the quiet sucking baby, but when they approach, but nothing was missing. These distant legends and fairy tale story, more make the mermaid on the mysterious color. (dugong life in tropical and subtropical area, in the Indian Ocean to Tokyo bay and our country Taiwan, guangdong, guangxi often occurs near the north sea)


So what have a mermaid, this animal? "Mermaid" is actually the ocean mammal, dugongs (dugong appearance like dolphins). Female dugongs breast chest on both sides are the size of a fist, because nursing must be held the baby in her bosom, upper body above the water, show nostril breathing of a newborn, a baby flippers, another flippers in stroke, far look like a beauty in nursing, this is the reason why dugongs has been hailed as a mermaid. After watching the show, please again scrutinize dugongs face to sea specimen hall, to see if it really like a "mermaid". (dugong's low fertility, every three years to breed a child, pregnant period is 12 months, every child, combined with years of abuse has been facing extinction and need to protect it is classified as level of protection in our country, we now, shatin, guangxi beihai area waters became the national dugongs reserve).



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