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"1995, the Chinese arctic memory" : looking back to China for the first time the North Pole

In 1995, a group of vigorous and courageous young people, with dreams, set aside life and death, went to the Arctic without hesitation, planted the five-star red flag at the Arctic, played the prelude of the Chinese Arctic scientific expedition, and realized the Arctic dream of the Chinese nation. Twenty years later, the team recorded the experience, compiled it into a book, printed and published it, entitled "1995, Chinese Arctic Memory - Records of China's First Expedition to the Arctic Pole".

In 1995, the Chinese Association of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized a Chinese Arctic Expedition Team, including Menghua and Li Shunke, to arrive near 88 degrees north latitude of Canada, and then to go on foot skiing or sledding to the Arctic Pole, along the way for atmospheric, ice and snow expeditions. On May 6 of that year, the scientific examiners planted the five-star red flag at the Arctic Pole to complete the final task.

It is precisely on the basis of this substantive scientific expedition that China successfully joined the International Arctic Science Commission in 1996, becoming the first developing country of the Commission and the first country outside the Arctic Circle, which officially opened the door of China's Arctic scientific expedition.

This book is edited by Menghua, the leader of China's first expedition to the North Pole. Li Xicong, Deputy editor-in-chief of China Ocean University Press, acts as responsible editor. It records in detail the launching, organization and implementation of China's first expedition to the North Pole in 1995, as well as the important achievements and significant impacts.

Li Xicong, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Ocean University Press of China: In the process of making this book, there are too many touching plots, such as their hiking at the North Pole. In fact, the event was originally three big pieces, the main body was 88-89 degrees north latitude, the starting point was seven people, and then in a city in northern Canada called Resolut, it was their base, because of this. There are 25 helpers in total, but only seven skaters and a command post in Beijing.

The Memorial articles written by the parties in the book truly and vividly record the arduous and dangerous journey of expedition to the North Pole. The organic supplement of the appendix composed of diaries, documents and on-site photographs gives the readers a sense of experience of the situation, and the fearless dedication of the team members can be felt between the lines.

Li Xicong, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Ocean University Press of China: In fact, especially from 88 to 89 degrees north latitude, it is very difficult. This section is always faced with ice cracks, more than 10 meters wide. Once they crossed the ice cracks, they need to use very hard ice bands to build bridges. After the bridge is completed, they first pass by one person, then the sledge, and then someone falls down accidentally. It's thousands of meters of sea water. In fact, how many times have these people met with such dangers? These people were an ideal at that time. They were so important to China that we should do such a thing.

Walking on the Arctic Pole, with arduous tasks and dangerous journeys, can finally be successfully completed, relying on the strength of the team and the spirit of dedication to the country, like the brilliant Aurora mapping the Arctic ice-bound land. As another responsible editor of this book, Sun Yufei can feel this kind of inspiring upward force from time to time in the process of reading.

Sun Yufei, Editor of China Ocean University Press: When I read it for the second, third or more times, I was deeply moved by their spirit or feelings, because they closely linked their ideals and interests with the country and destiny, and worked bravely for a thing that might sacrifice their lives.

This picture in the book is the moment when the expedition team first arrived at the North Pole to launch the five-star red flag, and the footprint of the Chinese nation finally extended to the top of the Northern Hemisphere. According to Li Xicong, deputy editor of Haida Publishing House, this book not only truly records the way of the pioneers of Chinese Arctic scientific expedition, but also carries the spirit of the Chinese people. It has important scientific and humanistic value and practical significance.

Li Xicong, Deputy editor-in-chief of China Ocean University Press: Why do we have a continuous stream of Chinese civilization and 5000 years of civilization? I feel that there is a spirit in inheritance, which can be embodied in this book. In the process of reading this book, I really experienced a different journey to the Arctic. On the one hand, feeling is that you have to implement it in practice. Practice patriotism and realize our Chinese dream with practical actions.



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