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The sea of the "pain" -- the future of ocean acidification corrosion

The ocean more and more acidic, this change for humans almost imperceptible, but lethal many creatures in the ocean.

Near the west coast of Africa and the americas four big upwelling area particularly badly affected. In these areas, nutrient-rich waters from upwelling of the deep sea, nourishes the phytoplankton (single-celled algae), phytoplankton is then plankton (tiny sea creatures), and plankton and fish food, this explains why upwelling area have special rich fishing grounds and rivers. Abundant biological resources of upwelling area is an important source of livelihood for millions of people, but it is facing the threat of acidification.

The researchers found that the acidification strengthening part of the reason is that the carbon dioxide that human activity is released into the air. In different periods, the concentration of carbon dioxide on earth there is always change, but now our ocean acidification are at an unprecedented rate, more than at any other time in history. It is estimated that the ocean has absorbed since the industrial revolution we a third of carbon emissions to the atmosphere, as a result, the acid concentration increased by 26% in the ocean.

The specific impact of acidification is what? The carbon dioxide into carbonate in the water, carbonate saturation decreases. The mussels, snail shells, coral, sea urchins, such use of Marine carbonate do the animals is a big problem. The less the carbonate in the water, is not easy to grow right shell. In the area of carbonate saturation has fallen dramatically, especially severe calcification species: sea water has even started disjunction carbonate from their shells, and corrosion. Some of the areas in the Antarctica and the north Atlantic ocean have taken place in the situation. Can't keep his life where cold-water coral chalk bone, will eventually collapse. But the other does not produce chalk species, such as fish, also under threat. Cod roe's chances of survival, for example, are usually very small - 95% will die. If the water acidic strength, 97% of cod roe will die. The 2% drop has been enough to endanger the future of the cod population.

Worse, these have a corrosive, and can dissolve the calcium carbonate of the sea area is expanding. In addition to the polar ocean, upwelling area is faced with threats. As long as in just 30 years, the California coast acidity will be high to deadly. The upwelling area ecosystem triple threat facing the warming and acidification, and lack of oxygen, therefore is especially at risk. In view of these areas in an important position in the global food chain, a trend that can be fatal. Therefore, should not be because, travel or overfishing and pollution make the situation even worse.



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